RoadHawk E10

Price: $299

The RoadHawk E10 system is the first multi camera black box recorder from RoadHawk designed for the commercial market.

One of your vehicles been involved in an accident?  Not your driver at fault?  Did the driver still get some blame?  This is becoming increasingly common when the accident involves a vehicle more vulnerable than your own, which when driving a HGV they often are. The next level on from a single camera RoadHawk system is the E10 multi camera system. Offering all the benefits of a forward facing in vehicle black box system with the additional configurable features of ‘side swipe’ protection, rear view, load monitoring, occupant monitoring and up to 360 degree vision.

Due to the multiple options for fitting and configurations possible with this system, it must be fitted through one of our specialist fitters.

PLEASE NOTE: The price shown is for the digital video recorder only. You will need to add cameras to this to make a fully working system.
We can provide a bespoke system for you from 1 to 4 cameras. Please call (408) 452-8788 for more details.

Prices for the system start from $200.

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