Fitting Guide

You can fit a RoadHawk camera yourself in less than 5 minutes!


1: Choose an area towards the top of the windscreen behind the rear view mirror for the camera to sit.

2: Clean the screen with some glass cleaner and allow to dry.

3: Peel the adhesive backing away from the camera mount and place firmly on the screen.

roadhawk fitting guide adhesive mountroadhawk adhesive mount

4: Leave the mount to bond for a few minutes.

5: Use the supplied adhesive cable clips to route the power cable neatly around the windscreen. In some vehicles you might be able to push the cable in to the gap between the rubber and the screen to completely hide the cable.

roadhawk power cable installation

6: Run the cable around the side of the dashboard and underneath towards the cigarette lighter socket. Use the cable tie to hide any remaining cable behind the dash.

installing a roadhawk

7: Attach the camera to the mount and face it forwards. Keep the camera as level as possible.
(in a Truck or Bus, aim the camera slight down)

roadhawk dash camera

8: Plug the power cable in to the camera.

9: Plug in the cigarette lighter plug.

dash camera roadhawk power

10: Start driving with RoadHawk total video and data protection.

Now you have the RoadHawk camera installed, it will start to work when you next start driving.
If you have installed the RoadHawk camera correctly then it should be quite well hidden.

hidden roadhawk dash camera
View from behind with the RoadHawk camera hidden behind the rear view mirror.

roadhawk dash cam fitted


If you still prefer to have your camera fitted then we would recommend contacting a local auto electrician installer.
It’s a simple job and the cost will be from £30.00.

We have many approved installers around the UK: RoadHawk Dash Camera Approved Installers