RoadHawk HD-2


RoadHawk’s most advanced dash camera to date

A refinement over the acclaimed original, the RoadHawk HD-2 uses the most advanced components to bring you 2K footage and superior low-light / night vision, ensuring that you are even better protected in all conditions.

Still utilizing a quality capacitor as its power source and a durable 6-element lens, the Roadhawk HD-2 is more equipped to handle intense conditions than other, commercial-grade dashboard cameras.

Resilient, stealthy, and equipped with software that provides detailed data beyond just accident footage, you can count on the Roadhawk HD-2 to collect the critical evidence that can save you thousands of dollars in potential legal fees and false insurance claims and even protect your job as a professional motorist.

A Professional-Grade Camera for those serious about road safety.

Easily installed within 10 minutes. A hard-wiring kit is available for purchase separately.

The RoadHawk HD-2 uses the most advanced components to provide you 2K footage and superior low-light / night vision, ensuring that you are completely protected in all conditions.

Camera footage preview

Here is some footage of the RoadHawk HD-2 in action, just so you get a good idea of the video quality you’ll get with this great product.

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What separates the RoadHawk HD-2 from the competition?

  • Chipset – the Ambarella A7L chipset is one of the most advanced chipsets on the market as used in the world’s leading action cameras.
  • Resolution – the RoadHawk HD-2 can support higher quality videos seen on a dash cam to date with the ability to record at various high resolutions including 2K (2304×1296) and 1080p at 60fps.
  • HDR – ‘High Dynamic Range’ allows the camera to meter for light and dark areas of video, combining them to create the best possible image quality at all times in all lighting conditions.
  • De-Warp – even though the RoadHawk HD-2 features a 125 degree wide angle 6-element glass lens, the de-warp technology ensures there is no distortion all the way to the edge of the image.
  • EIS – ‘Electronic Image Stabilization’ ensures that RoadHawk HD-2 footage is able to soak up vibrations while driving, keeping the footage stable and crisp.
  • GPS – the RoadHawk HD-2 features the most accurate GPS presently seen in any dash cam.  At 10Hz, the GPS in the RoadHawk HD-2 is more accurate than that of most sat navigation on the market right now.
  • Storage – the RoadHawk HD-2 includes a 16GB SDHC memory card and is capable of using up to 256GB SDXC memory cards, the highest capacity cards currently available.
  • Mac & PC compatible player software – RoadHawk HD-2 player software is one of the few dash cams available with software available for both Mac and PC.
  • 3 Axis G-Force Sensor – The RoadHawk HD-2 features a G-force sensor that will detect impacts to the vehicle. This is activated automatically from the impact of a collision, manually using the ‘Event’ button on the rear of the camera or even remotely using the optional remote ’Event’ button.

RoadHawk have a full range of accessories available for the HD-2, including suction mounts, remote event buttons, connectivity options for telematics devices, locking solutions, extended GPS antennas and easy fit hard wiring kits.


LATEST COMPATIBLE VIDEO SOFTWARE (V.4.0, which self updates to V.6.4)

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Download the HD-2 Spec Sheet PDF


  • 2K (2304×1296) at 30fps, 1080p & 720p at up to 60fps video recording
  • HDR sensor providing excellent video quality in all lighting conditions
  • SDXC compatible (8GB to 256GB) External GPS antenna connection port
  • External Audio input connection port
  • 10Hz GPS Receiver A7L processor for high quality H.264 encoding
  • User controlled video bit rate setting User controlled G-Force, mic and speaker volume settings
  • Audio can be disabled
  • 3x adhesive mounts ensuring secured fit for all vehicles.
  • 1/4” standard camera mount thread for use with numerous camera mounts and grips.
  • Auto detecting SD card errors and warning the user of any potential problems.
  • Alarm input connection for remote triggering events and output for communicating with tracking devices.


  • Chipset – Ambarella A7/LA70 chip, support 1296p / 30fps, 1080p / 60fps, HDR 1080p / 30fps, 720p / 60fps and 720p / 30fps
  • Audio – Variable sensitivity internal mic – External mic input (3.5mm jack)
  • Encoding – H.264 . MP4 Files with embedded G-Force and GPS data
  • Bit rate – Adjustable from 4Mbits to 20Mbits
  • Loop Mode – One minute or five minute files continuous loop with file locking
  • Normal Mode – Up to 30 min long files (no looping or file locking)
  • GPS – 10Hz GPS receiver with internal antenna
  • Power – 12v, 15 ft Power cable with Aux plug or optional 12/24v hard wiring solution
  • EIS – Electronic image stabilization
  • G-Force – 3 Axis G-force Sensor built-in (variable sensitivity)
  • Internal Power – 2 x Super capacitors to ensure safe camera shutdown
  • Memory – SDXC compatible (up to 256GB)
  • Sensor – Omnivision OV4689 with super low light sensitivity with HDR
  • Lens – 6 element glass, f/2.0, wide angled 125 degree lens
  • Mounting – Standard RoadHawk adhesive mounting ¼” Camera thread for suction/clamps mounts
  • Compatibility – Windows 7 or above and OSX 10.9 or above
  • Adjustable Settings – Mic sensitivity, speaker volume, event sensitivity, contrast, brightness, saturation, metering


  • 1 x RoadHawk HD-2 2K Dash Cam
  • 1 x 16GB Class 10 SD Card
  • 1 x Cigarette lighter socket power cable
  • 1 x High strength windshield mount
  • 1 x Adjustable windscreen mount (for sedan windshields)
  • 1 x Long arm windscreen mount (for truck windshields)
  • 1 x User manual and CD
  • 1 x SD card reader
  • 5 x Windshield clips

Keep safe on the highway

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